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The trends in building design in the 21st century will increasingly be focused on sustainable development, i.e., development that meets our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Synonymous with this is the obligation to design buildings that are environmentally responsible. From a building services perspective, the objectives are to:

  • minimise energy and water consumption,
  • minimise greenhouse gas emissions and pollution,
  • reduce waste generation, 
  • provide an adequate indoor environmental quality.

These objectives are being achieved at Apexia by adopting an integrated multidisciplinary approach to building design ranging from optimising passive design to the design of energy efficient systems and integration of renewable energy. These are achieved by:

  •  microclimate analysis 
  • passive design (day-lighting, shading and natural ventilation) analysis 
  • building modelling 
  • thermal comfort analysis 
  • energy / water efficient building services design 
  • economic analysis of energy efficient options